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We believe that our dogs are happy dogs and our puppies are happy puppies.
We spend most of the day with our dogs. They are with us in our living rooms, in the garden, on outings. They have a wonderful dog life. We allow them to run free on walks in the woods and meadows. We allow them to take mud baths, roll in the leaves and grass, swim in the stream, the lake, the river. Let them go crazy, play, chase… We allow them to be dogs and to enjoy their canine life.

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Kennel Sunny side of Alps


workshop for children

new workshop in may!

In May 2024, we will again run a workshop for children. At the puppy and dog social, children will meet the new puppies, aged about five weeks, and their mother.

We will talk about the correct attitude towards dogs, brush mum hair, clean their ears, put on their collars, brush their puppies, give them bows and scarves, clean up after them when they have had a nap and a poo, and talk about their language. Of course, we will also take photos with them.

The workshop is aimed at children and costs € 15. Child + parent: € 25.

Registration is required, places are limited.

Birthday for children

paws party

A furry birthday party? Yaaaaa!!!!
We’ve called it the PAWS PARTY!
A birthday party from which children will leave soaked and hairy, but happy and with positive experiences. Guests at the birthday party will be golden retrievers, well mannered… right down to the cake!
Psssttt, we don’t tell everything! In short – a birthday celebration in the company of puppies.
New, educational, fun! In Fit Vision!
Happy dogs, happy owners!

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