Fido the Fetch Dog explains to his shepherd friend Rex:

“But you know, Rex, they have a big fenced garden for dogs, and we like to be outside. A beautiful three-bedroom cottage with a covered terrace, plus two cottages and a luxury sofa on which to laze, stretch, dream …
Ugh, and if it’s hot you get a dog pool! It’s great, I tell you!
They also have a doghouse if anyone wants to sleep there. But this is no ordinary dog house – it is a specially fenced part of the garden, with its own hut, lawn and port. Full of space!
But if you want to live in a house… luxury! A real human sofa,
for dogs! Comfort at its best, I tell you! Some of the dogs are afraid of heights, but Irena arranges a soft bed on the floor for those who are. You know, as it should be!
I need a little peace every year to rest from my family and treat myself to some other hands. But above all, the company and the walks, crazy! So I’m going back to them for a holiday this year. And you
make sure they book you into the FITLUX DOG HOTEL for a couple of days.”
Happy dogs, happy owners!

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